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In this remarkable documentary, Vince Ellison presents his compelling perspective on hot-button topics such as these:
  • How unity and racial harmony have been undermined in America's churches.
  • How Democrats have actually cultivated urban blight in the cities they've controlled for decades.
  • How Democrats infiltrated the Civil Rights movement—and many of America's pulpits.
  • How many preachers are urging their congregations to vote for policies that are completely contrary to Scripture.
  • How true freedom does not come from the government.
Along the way, Ellison also provides a glimpse into his own upbringing, starting with his birth on a Tennessee cotton plantation, and how his eyes were opened to the political realities that are all around us. He also delivers an unflinching look at the real legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. It's Vince Ellison unfiltered...speaking truths that few others dare to utter. Pre-order today so that you can receive this timely and thought-provoking documentary as soon as it is released. It will give you a whole new way to look at the current political landscape and can serve as a great conversation-starter for civic groups and church home groups.
Release Date: February 25th, 2023
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